We’re in the middle of it by now, Summer I mean.  And it feels like it might just get the best of us.  With record high temperatures and less rainfall than expected or prayed for, many of us are seeking solace from the Florida sun.  The very thing we love, our state’s nickname; sunshine is the thing that’s seemingly trying to take us out.  Say, “hell no, we won’t go” and make your way indoors to a cool and happy place.

The District Gastro Bar is a great beginning to the end of a long, hot summer day with its speakeasy flair, colorful flavors, and top shelf sips.  Located at 534 West Church Street in the City Beautiful, this recently established eatery is a shiny dime in a bag of copper pennies.  Visit their website at www.TheDistrictGastrobar.com or call (407) 704-7991 for additional information about their offerings and operations.  Hours are from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

Get the whole family out of the heat and make your way to the movies. Disney’s long awaited, live action feature film The Lion Kingwill start early shows in movie theaters on July 18th.  Touted as one of the best places to see any movie, check out Plaza Cinema Café 12 in downtown Orlando at 155 South Orange Avenue. You can park for up to three hours for $3.00 in the Plaza Solaire Parking Garage and choose from 12 auditoriums with luxury stadium seating, surround sound and an expanded concessions menu that includes beer and wine.  Make your reservations at https://www.cobbtheatres.com/plazacinema12.aspx  or contact 321-558-2878.

These are just a couple of ways to beat the heat and have some fun.  Who knows, with a little luck you might catch a summer breeze or stumble onto some evening shade.

About the Author

Sharon Fletcher Jones is a true Libra, an action-ist, and a budget fashionista.  The Portsmouth, Virginia native is also an employment specialist with Goodwill Industries, a life coach and an associate editor at ONYX Magazine. Stacey’s mom (literally) has got it going on.  Fletcher Jones’ personal mantra is “It’s the dash that counts.”


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