Still celebrating the Genius of Women, the Orlando Public Library hosts a collection of artwork being considered in the annual Women in the Arts competition.  This impressive collection of mixed media works will be available for public viewing, at no cost, through April 23, 2019 at 101 E. Central Boulevard. Telephone 407-835-7323 or visit for additional details.


Both the seafarer and the landlubber will enjoy SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival, going on now through May 5th.  Mix samplings of specialty food items from international cuisines and live musical performances for a fun-filled family outing at the aquatic amphitheater. Access to this festival located at 7007 SeaWorld Drive is included with the regular admission price. Visit their website at http://seaworld.comor contact 407-363-2613.


The Art & History Museums of Maitland (located less than fifteen minutes away from downtown Orlando, at 231 W. Packwood Avenue, 32751) currently house two exhibitions that focus on resident African American experiences and celebrates the co-mingled histories of Eatonville and Maitland.  These exhibits address the omission of the 150-year historic presence of African Americans living and working in Maitland and surrounding neighborhoods from city markers, displays and narratives. Works byJ. Andre’ Smith and Jane Turner, Maitland and African American Experiences Then & Nowat the Maitland Art Center and African American Experiences: Marked, Unmarked, Rememberedat the Maitland Historical Museum will be on display until May 12, 2019.  Oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings by J. André Smith and “Bok Fellows,” Carlson Davenport and H. H. Shawdepict images of African Americans from the outsiders’ points of view while acrylic paintings and sculptural works by Jane Turner, a self-taught artist who resides and works in Maitland and in Eatonville represent the perspective of a community member. The cost of admission is $6.00 and includes entry to the Maitland Art Center, Historical Museum and the Telephone Museum.  Go to the Plan Your Visit page at www.ArtandHistory.orgor phone 407-539-2181 for additional details.


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