The City Beautiful’s political season is gearing up for take-off.  Locally, there are Mayoral and District Commissioner races with wide fields of contenders while women continue to make headlines and history in the state and national arenas.  There’s no better time than now to get girls fired up and ready to go!

On Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Orlando will host the Girls in Politics Initiative-Camp Congress for Girls 2019.  Camp Congress for Girls introduces girls ages 10 to 15 to the inner workings of politics and begins with an overview of the American political system from its inception to its modern day operations.  During this day-long adventure each girl will choose to run for a seat in the United States House of representatives, the United States Senate or for the highest office in the land, the Presidency.  She will then create her own campaign with a platform, a campaign strategy, a campaign finance plan, and an advertisement with her campaign slogan.  Each girl will register to vote and then vote in a mock election.  Once elected and sworn into office, the newly installed members of Congress will learn how to introduce bills, debate the merits of a bill, lobby fellow lawmakers, collaborate with the Executive Branch of government and finally, vote on a proposed bill.  This unique camp will culminate with a ceremonial signing of the bill by the campers’ elected Ms. President and each participant will receive a certificate of completion.  This unique leadership program for girls only will be held at 7155 North Frontage Road, Orlando, 32812.  The cost of registration for this event is $140.00 per girl and includes lunch, snacks and materials.  Additional discounts are available for Girl Scouts, Military Family members, and groups. Visit , email info@girlsinpolitics.orgor contact 202-660-1457 extension 2 for more details.  

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Sharon Fletcher Jones is a true Libra, an action-ist, and a budget fashionista.  The Portsmouth, Virginia native is also an employment specialist with Goodwill Industries, a life coach and an associate editor at ONYX Magazine. Stacey’s mom (literally) has got it going on.  Fletcher Jones’ personal mantra is “It’s the dash that counts.”


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