April 5, 2018

By Sharon Fletcher Jones


For that ‘Hamptons’ flavor in O-Town, check out Seersuckers & Sundresses 2018: The Day Party. Coming on Saturday, April 7th, 2018, from 4:00 to 9:30 pm. Produced by T. Gaines and Joey Womack with music by Awesome Deejays, this event will be held at the popular party place, Ember (42 W. Central Blvd, Downtown Orlando, FL 32801). Promoters are urging takers to make Seersuckers & Sundresses an experience by booking overnight hotel accommodations in Downtown Orlando. The new Aloft Hotel at 500 S. Orange Avenue comes highly recommended as it’s only a few blocks from Ember. Be advised the dress code will be strictly enforced with sundresses for women and seersucker suits for men. For more information about this event, send an email to tramaine@tgainsent.com.

The Original Orlando Carnival Association will host the 31st annual Orlando Carnival on May 27th, 2018. The Carnival will be held in Downtown Orlando beginning at noon. Carnival is a family-friendly festival filled with lots of pageantry including brightly colored and fabulously decorated authentic costuming. It’s an entire weekend of parties organized with the sole purpose of celebrating Caribbean culture. Festival goers are in for more than a good time as this huge celebration with music, arts and crafts, food and other vendors and more gets underway. As the Joe Sample song says, “Come feel what love is!”

For additional information and to participate in events leading up to Carnival 2018 go to www.orlandocarnivaldowntown.com or contact GGR Marketing & PR at www.ggrmarketingandpr.com, 407-427-1800 or guenetroberts@yahoo.com. Follow Orlando Carnival Downtown on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/OrlandoCarnivalDowntown/?


About the author:

Sharon Fletcher Jones is a true Libra, an action-ist, and a budget fashionista. The Portsmouth, Virginia native is also an employment specialist with Goodwill Industries, a life coach and an associate editor at ONYX Magazine. Stacey’s mom (literally) has got it going on. Fletcher Jones’ personal mantra is “It’s the dash that counts.”


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