Are you ready for some football or should I say soccer? Head downtown to our soccer stadium (it still has the new soccer stadium smell) and watch our own Orlando City Soccer Club! They’re playing the Houston Dynamo this Saturday at 6:30 pm. Check out their full schedule and buy tickets at

If you’re looking for indicators of the change in seasons, visit your favorite dollar store where they’ve stocked Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations on shelves within inches of each other. It’ll be a challenge to leave the store without spending at least twenty bucks. Another option is to drive over to Barnett Park (off of West Colonial Drive) for a little evening shade and a look at the little footballers and cheerleaders practicing for their turn under the ‘Friday night lights.’

​Chef Eddie’s Restaurant on West Church Street offers a variety of comfort foods to help you fake the fall we rarely see (no golden leaves, only palm trees here in O-Town). The restaurant boasts a down-home, soulful atmosphere and soul food menu with favorites including crispy fried chicken wings, liver and onions, spaghetti and meatloaf. Visit or call 407-826-1731.



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Sharon Fletcher Jones is a true Libra, an action-ist, and a budget fashionista. The Portsmouth, Virginia native is also an employment specialist with Goodwill Industries, a life coach and an associate editor at ONYX Magazine. Stacey’s mom (literally) has got it going on. Fletcher Jones’ personal mantra is “It’s the dash that counts.”


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